Rathandeep – Finance Coach for Women

Financial literacy doesn’t mean women need to transform into Number Ninjas!!

The vision & mission of this site is to make women financially empowered & successful right from managing their home finances to managing their business finances independently.

Breaking the Myth... Making Women Financial Empowered!!

Often people have the misconception that women aren’t good when it comes to matters of money and often believed it’s not their job to manage money & are neglected from most financial decisions. While some do take charge of their finances but lack the knowledge & guidance on how to further invest the saved money. Finally, some women break the stereotypes & successfully run their businesses and need a mentor on how to manage their cash flows efficiently. We are here with an initiative to let know that everyone is capable of managing their finances provided the financial knowledge, guidance & support.

I am Rathandeep Umesh,
your go to person for finance!

I am a women entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Consulting & Beyond, and have stepped forward to make the change and strongly aspire to enable women to be confident and happy about handling their finances. I also wish to provide direction and guide you all to take steps that will enable you to reach your goals systematically. And my motivation to mentor and guide women stems from the financial challenges that a woman can overcome through a structured approach. Let us be the go to resource for women who take it head-on to handle their finances.

It’s Time to be Financial Empowered,
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Why Fun With Finance?


We aim to help women achieve their financial goals by educating them on various finance topics through our courses & contents


Building a community, where women can engage & support like minded women in their financial journey.


A haven for women to empower & reach their financial wellness


Mind-blowing presentation. Great informative Session. Very useful for my organization.

Ajentender Jain

Complex Subject easily explained


Very lucid continuous flow of thoughts and idea. Great work.

Veera Rajkumar

Wonder Session. Very Clear

Kamal IRS

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