Rathandeep – Finance Coach for Women

Welcome to fun with Finance

A live, fun-filled finance workshop to provide clarity in handling
your life finances confidently.

You can take the financial decision that you want to!!

What’s holding you back?

•We spend a lot of time in analytical, overthinking that we don’t know the nuances of finance!
•This leads to fear and indecisiveness. I know this because I know myself, I have spoken to many people and many clients who share the same challenges, particularly in this distracted, hectic world.
•Want to be clear with a financial plan for life?
•Hate feeling insecure, diffident and unaware of financial knowledge?
Then this is for you…

Fun with Finance is a one stop solution for your finances!!

• It’s the class I would have wanted years ago when I came face to face with years of financial dependence

• I have seen amazing, fast transformations in people who previously held themselves back.

What is Fun with Finance?

A live and fun frilled workshop to help you develop your financial knowledge that in turn aids you to make good decisions for your life.

Why Fun with Finance?

To empower women and GenZ, be part of a community, and enjoy the success.

Who is Fun with Finance for?

For homemakers, working women & students who believe in the power & value of self growth in handling finances & want to be financially empowered & independent.

Join Rathandeep & her group for exercises and coaching over 5 sessions designed to :

  • Understand finance
  • Develop your goal in the financial journey
  • Be more aware of the happening in the financial markets
  • Handle fear of investing and creating a portfolio
  • Enjoy a sense of ownership of financial life
  • Handle business finances in an adept manner
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Profitability and Cashflows for long-term impact
  • Rediscover a sense of hope, optimism and joy in handling finance.

The workshop allows participants to play outside of the stories and labels that we apply to ourselves in a relaxed, safe and fun group.

We do this through case studies and exercises that connect us to ground realities and financial acumen

Here we can glimpse what it means to be without financial fear. This can be a very powerful session for handling the finances of your life









Course Fee – Rs 10,000   6,000/- (Inclusive of GST)

Why Finance Program?

  • Understanding the basics of finance
  • Investing nuances
  • Entrepreneurial finance - Financial statement analysis
  • Entrepreneurial finance - Decisions for investment and growth
  • How to integrate both, plan and lead a financially successful life.

  • Why, how and when of finance shall be addressed
  • Finance is not only knowledge but discipline too
  • Confidence to take control of the financial lives and achieve the goals
  • Informed decisions and manage money more effectively
  • Forum for women to connect with other like-minded individuals and build a supportive community of peers
  • Make better financial decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and achieve greater financial stability and success over time.


  • Improved financial literacy
  • Enhanced financial planning skills
  • Confidence in financial decision-making
  • Practical and actionable advice
  • Being empowered with better tools and techniques. 

  • Basics of finances: Income, Expenses and Savings
  • Guided process for goals & financial plan
  • Timelines of financial goal exercises
  • Budgeting exercises, taking on new decisiveness
  • Handling debt and thriftiness exercises
  • Role-playing for different perspectives
  • Brief discussions and coaching.


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