Rathandeep – Finance Coach for Women

Women Entrepreneur Finance Programme

Attention Women Entrepreneurs!!!

Your long wait to Rule the finance Domain (Last Frontier) is over.

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Take charge of your finances with This Program

This Finance program will help you decode the aspects necessary to become a successful entrepreneur through insightful learning techniques

Are the financial jargons intimidating? Don’t worry, we got you covered

1. Why women entrepreneurs hesitate to get involved with finance?

To translate your goals into reality, you need to know what’s stopping you from achieving them.

2. Basics of finance to help get you up and running

     One has to walk before one can run right? Get to know the stuff required to take the next bold step.

3. Ever feel like your business is struggling with cash?

     Find out where your cash is locked up, ways to optimize cash flow and find how to generate.

4. The importance of Data & MIS

Case studies to help you understand the importance of this business-saving tool. Businesses have succeeded using this, yours can too.

5. Why/How you should take the next step towards growth scenarios

     Answering the million dollar question for your business might be tough, but it isn’t impossible.

6. Establishing clear boundaries between business/passion

     Running a passionate business and running a business with passion are two entirely different things, and too much of one thing might not bide well for your business.

7. Connecting the dots

     Finance is the thread that runs across the organization connecting the key functional dots. Know how to connect these for powerful decision making.

About Rathandeep Umesh

Believing that the profession is all about continuous learning, commitment and adding value to all stakeholders, Rathandeep is the founder of Consulting & Beyond & she has helped businesses turnaround their loss-making organizations profitable through appropriate handholding strategies.

She is very keen and inclined on valuing companies, providing insights on improving profitability, providing directions on managing cash flows in pursuit of making businesses cash-rich.

A Notable public speaker at IWN – CII, MMA, MCCI etc, her strong motivational skills has enabled women to be confident and happy about handling their finances.

For 15 years, she has helped businesses of various industries in all of its stages from inception till sale. Today, she wants to help women entrepreneurs prosper by making them understand the importance of finance.

Stories on Previous Sessions

“Mind-blowing presentation. Great informative session. Very useful for my organization”

-Ajetender Jain

“Complex subject easily explained”

– Vicknesh Waran

“Very lucid continuous flow of thoughts and ideas. Great work”

– Veera Rajkumar

“Wonderful session. Very clear”

– Kamal IRS

Date And Time

21st March – 21:00

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